Weirdest Laws in Iowa: Bizarre Legal Facts You Need to Know

The Strangest Laws You Never Knew Existed in Iowa

As a law enthusiast, I find it fascinating to explore the quirks and oddities of legal systems. Despite known cornfields people, fair share peculiar laws leave scratching head. Outdated to regulations, here some weirdest laws Iowa make double-take:

1. Illegal Kiss More Five Minutes

In Iowa, is illegal for engage kiss lasts more five minutes. Law rarely for conversation starter. Imagine the confusion of a police officer stumbling upon a couple in the midst of a passionate, six-minute kiss!

2. Don`t Even Think About Using a Mustache to Disguise

According to Iowa law, it is prohibited to use a mustache as a means of disguise. Intention behind may have been prevent criminal activity, can`t help about specific incidents led creation. Next visit Iowa, sure leave fake mustache home!

3. Ice Cream Must Not Be Served on Cherry Pie

As strange as it may sound, it is illegal to serve ice cream on top of cherry pie in Iowa. The reasoning behind this law remains a mystery, but it certainly adds an element of peculiarity to the state`s culinary regulations. Perhaps there is a staunch anti-ice cream-on-pie advocate behind this statute!

4. One May Not Run a Tab Over $100 at a Bar

For those who enjoy a good night out, Iowa has an unusual law that prohibits individuals from running a tab exceeding $100 at a bar. While this may have been intended to promote responsible drinking, it does raise questions about the practicality of such a restriction in today`s world.

5. Untamed Animals Must Not Be Kept in Hotel Rooms

Finally, Iowa law dictates that untamed animals cannot be kept in hotel rooms. While this may seem like common sense, the fact that it is explicitly spelled out in the state`s legislation hints at an intriguing history of peculiar incidents involving unruly creatures and unsuspecting hotel guests.

Exploring the quirks and oddities of state laws can be an amusing and enlightening endeavor. While these strange laws in Iowa may seem comical, they provide a glimpse into the historical, cultural, and social context in which they originated. It`s important to remember that laws, no matter how peculiar, often reflect the values and experiences of the society in which they exist.

Published on April 1, 2022

Weirdest Laws Iowa

Question Answer
1. Can I kiss more 5 minutes public Iowa? Unfortunately, law Iowa kissing more 5 minutes public. May odd, respect local avoid caught passionate embrace too long!
2. Is it true that it`s illegal to throw a brick onto a highway in Iowa? Yes, true! Iowa, illegal throw brick highway. Exists safety drivers prevent potential accidents. So, if you`re tempted to throw a brick, it`s best to resist the urge!
3. Can I kiss stranger Iowa? Surprisingly, Iowa has a law that prohibits kissing a stranger. Unclear how enforced, probably best stick handshakes friendly waves greeting new people Iowa!
4. Is it illegal to ride a horse over 10 mph in Iowa? Yes, it is illegal to ride a horse over 10 mph in Iowa. Law may outdated, still books. So, if you`re planning to ride a horse in Iowa, be sure to keep it at a leisurely pace!
5. Can I eat fried chicken fork Iowa? Believe not, illegal eat fried chicken fork Iowa. This quirky law may be a nod to traditional finger-licking good etiquette. So, when enjoying fried chicken in Iowa, be sure to embrace the finger-licking goodness!
6. Is true it`s illegal hunt airplane Iowa? Yes, indeed illegal hunt airplane Iowa. This law aims to preserve fair hunting practices and protect wildlife. So, avid hunter, sure keep feet ground!
7. Can I legally throw a snowball at someone in Iowa? It come surprise, illegal throw snowball someone Iowa. May harmless fun, law place prevent potential injuries. So, be mindful of where those snowballs are flying!
8. Is it illegal to kiss a sleeping woman in Iowa? Yes, it is illegal to kiss a sleeping woman in Iowa. Law likely stems consent respect others` personal space. So, if you encounter a sleeping woman in Iowa, it`s best to let her rest undisturbed!
9. Can I tickle woman Iowa? Surprisingly, it is illegal to tickle a woman in Iowa. While it may seem like harmless fun, this law likely aims to protect individuals from unwanted physical contact. So, when in Iowa, keep those tickling fingers to yourself!
10. Is it true that it`s illegal to throw a ball over 10 feet in Iowa? Yes, it is indeed illegal to throw a ball over 10 feet in Iowa. Law may bizarre, important abide local regulations. So, keep those throws low and controlled when enjoying a game of catch in Iowa!

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